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Equalize Your Relationship to Technology Through Time..


The Mindful Cyborg is a highly curated directory of solutions for life's most challenging concept, time and technology.

  The Mindful Cyborg helps you work with your time and technology by restoring your reference points within time.


Mindful Cyborg domains are the maturity model created so we can understand where we are in our evolution and time understanding. Each person will go through each habit dominant throughout their life, sometimes multiple times. It usually begins with wanting to be more "productive."


The productivity-centered time domain is concerning the productive use of time. It's often measured with tools like Pomodoro or concepts like sprints. Productivity is tool-centered. Productivity is where a lot of people first are introduced to the idea of working with time. GTD, PARA, a second-brain. In reality, this is a dead-end and will lead to more frustration if you're not careful.


The health-centered habit domain is concerned with optimizing your health to gain more ability to be productive. This domain is fast replacing the productivity domain to "hack" your mind, body, or finances. Optimized health can be used to produce more like a battery for the productivity-centered domains! Biohacking, Financial Hacking (FIRE)


Value-centered habit domain is a significant mind shift for people. This type of shift can happen after a significant life event, like a change in careers, health or relationships. Value-Centered time is when you start to integrate productivity, health and balance it with your greater self and goals: Stoicism, Buddhism, mental frameworks.


Nature-centered habits are the most potent way of dealing with time, but it is one of the oldest forms of identifying with time. This domain is where people start to integrate their journey to the world around them. Systemic abandonment. Conservationism, Legacy Thinking.


Transcendence-centered habits are the most complex ways of associating with time by disassociating oneself and time. Transcendence-centered habits are how we see "non-ordered" time. Transcendence involves dominion over time. We are harnessing intention, synchronicity, and coincidence in exploring paganism, the occult, and magical ways of thinking.


Values are the only way we can actually spend our time in a way that feels autonomous. Outside of defining your values, time seems to slip away. The Habit Store allows you to filter solutions in four different ways.


Habit maturity model search. Just starting out on your productivity journey, no problem. Decided to get fit, get back to nature or become a witch, we got you covered.


Searching for solutions by feeling is critical on the internet today. Understanding how you feel is the fastest way to find solutions to address those feelings!


Search by rating. Each habit, in The Habit Store, has been personally reviewed and scored based on pricing, use, impression, diversity of solution.


Search the Habit Store by resource type. Maybe you want an app, maybe you want a community, personality, or gift. Our habits can be inspired by so many things.


Throughout human history, our ability to navigate ourselves and the world has been defined by our relationships with the technology around us.

  Sometimes that technology was nature, sometimes industry and recently computers.


    Kairos is the qualitatively unordered relationship to an organic system. Our earliest ancestors had no awareness of clocks, only the organic world of life, death, and our sun and other stars' cycles. When life becomes overwhelming, you may be out of sync with your body or world.


    Chronos is the quantitatively ordered experience of a mechanized system. As our ancestors started to need to make things, our ability to manage, organize and mechanize the world became online.


    Algorithmos is the emergent will of the merger of biological and mechanical systems. When there seems to be no time, time blindness, or loss of a relationship with time, you are inside Algorithmos.

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