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Below are a collection of tools that will help you connect deeper. These tools you can search for by habit, type, feeling or rating. See Chris Dancy's favorite tools!


Sometimes we don't feel good. Sometimes we feel amazing. Often when we are looking for something on the web, we want to address an emotion! Try searching by feeling!


Habit domains are the easiest way to get started. Habit domains are the familiar ways you think about your habits. From productivity to health, nature through spirituality.


Types are the ways your new habits are delivered. You can search by old school "Apps & Services," but you can also look for "Web Resources," or even "Personalities." Heck, you can even shop for "Gifts."


Each habit on The Habit Store has been personally reviewed. Reviews are from 1-5 stars and are tied to price, accessibility, diversity of leadership, and experience!

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